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The Problem With Leveled Books… November 21, 2011

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We all love leveled books, especially with all the new software programs and websites that offer leveled e-books! However, when the whoel book leveling idea came to be, books were labeled with a letter or even actual grade level right on the spine of the book. Students being told to get a book “on their level” may seem harmless enough, but what about when other students start making fun of the student that is getting a “level 1” book and the other kids are getting “level 5” books… A recent article in School Library Monthly touches on this issue and explains how some libraries are still filled with books “labeled and leveled” in the way I described. Another issue is that some teachers force students to get an “on level” book, prohibiting their freedom and ability to challenge themselves! The author of the article suggests using computerized reading programs and doing away with all “leveled” libraries.


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