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What would we do without technology? November 5, 2011

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With the recent storm and all the damage, I can’t help but reflect on how important technology is in today’s world… I was out of power for almost 5 days! I couldn’t access my email accounts, facebook, blackboard, etc. I have a Droid, but it recently cracked and has not been wrking either! It’s amazing how dependant we are on technological tools…I work for BOCES and they were closed for three days! I couldn’t believe it! The district website could not be accessed and the phones were all out of service. We are obviously very lucky to have so many resources available to us, but it does scare me that we are so reliant on them… Look how quickly mother nature took them away!


2 Responses to “What would we do without technology?”

  1. Suzanne, 5 days without power and no mobile, that is rough. I lost power during Irene, but I had my iPhone so I could text and get emails, although email was erratic as some of the cell towers went down in the area. You are right, we are very reliant on technology but then again, when power went out in the olden days, we would just sit tight or visit our neighbors. The one big change is we now have mobile dependency and mobile withdrawal!.

  2. suzanneb429 Says:

    There is a definetely a horrible dependency! I think about what people did hundreds of years ago and can’t imagine it! Are we spoiled or just accustomed to the benefits of technology and electricity!?!

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