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Instructional technology techniques for the Literacy Coach.

The Problem With Leveled Books… November 21, 2011

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We all love leveled books, especially with all the new software programs and websites that offer leveled e-books! However, when the whoel book leveling idea came to be, books were labeled with a letter or even actual grade level right on the spine of the book. Students being told to get a book “on their level” may seem harmless enough, but what about when other students start making fun of the student that is getting a “level 1” book and the other kids are getting “level 5” books… A recent article in School Library Monthly touches on this issue and explains how some libraries are still filled with books “labeled and leveled” in the way I described. Another issue is that some teachers force students to get an “on level” book, prohibiting their freedom and ability to challenge themselves! The author of the article suggests using computerized reading programs and doing away with all “leveled” libraries.


iPads for Autistic Children November 12, 2011

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I am so fascinated by all of the recent research showing how beneficial iPads can be for autistic chidren! I work in a school district where there are 90+ students on the spectrum. We do not have any iPads, but they have access to AlphaSmarts and laptops. However, these tools can not do what the iPad apparently can! According to data, autistic children can learn to ask questions, coverse and even make eye contact through some fo the iPad apps available! Check out this video and please share any thoughts. I am in the process of writing a Grant to try and obtain a few for my school district!


What would we do without technology? November 5, 2011

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With the recent storm and all the damage, I can’t help but reflect on how important technology is in today’s world… I was out of power for almost 5 days! I couldn’t access my email accounts, facebook, blackboard, etc. I have a Droid, but it recently cracked and has not been wrking either! It’s amazing how dependant we are on technological tools…I work for BOCES and they were closed for three days! I couldn’t believe it! The district website could not be accessed and the phones were all out of service. We are obviously very lucky to have so many resources available to us, but it does scare me that we are so reliant on them… Look how quickly mother nature took them away!