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A fun way to get parents involved in literacy! October 12, 2011

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I just read this article about “Pocket Literacy Coach”.  It’s a system where parents can sign up and they will recieve a daily text message introducing an activity to improve literacy skills.  It is specific to the child’s age, grade and ability. What a fun idea to get parents involved! Some teachers could probably benefit as well!  Please share any thoughts.




One Response to “A fun way to get parents involved in literacy!”

  1. Suzanne, This is an interesting idea, although you would need unlimited text service if you are getting 5 a week. Personally I think 5 a week is a little overkill, but I like the idea of texting an idea to the parent to hep initiate some literacy development. Many parents can not come up with ideas on their own and in their busy lives may not think of playing a word game or creating story starters. I don’t know if I as a parent would actually create a treasure hunt for an afternoon as one of the examples suggested, but it would spark other ideas. I loved the Imagination Soup site itself, but I guess the kids would not go there, it is for parents. It is very user-friendly, clean and easy to find ideas, and they also have other sites that are good for literacy development. I will add it to my list of resources, thanks for the heads up, Ann

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