Literacy Coaching in a World of Technology!

Instructional technology techniques for the Literacy Coach.

The Gold Standard of Literacy Coaching…. October 6, 2011

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This article summarizes the IRA’s view on Literacy Coaching.  Coaches that are considered to be ” Achieving the Gold Standard” have a masters degree in literacy, many years of teaching experience, experience working with teachers, excellent presenting skills, experience modeling lessons, experience observing and “an additional literacy coaching credential”.  This “additional coaching credential” is interesting because literacy coaches are often right between administrators and teachers.  Without the “additional credential”, coaches with the other requirements are still considered “The Great Choice”, but shouldn’t we go for the Gold if this person is helping to teach the teachers?  Many colleges are now offering advanced graduate certificates in “Literacy Leadership”, which might be the answer to the mysterious ” additional credential”.  I have looked into two programs and they both offer courses at the supervisory levels, as well as… you guessed it, Technology!  One course is even entitled “Supervisor of Instructional Technology”.  I will be starting one of these programs in the spring and share my reflections of coursework. 

It seems to me that a Literacy Coach could essentially carry out the role of both Literacy Coach and Technology Specialist with proper training….


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