Literacy Coaching in a World of Technology!

Instructional technology techniques for the Literacy Coach.

Teachers and Students Learning Together…. October 6, 2011

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I recently read a blog post written by a college faculty advisor:

The author shares his thoughts about how he comes across to his students and reflects on ways that he can help them understand him better.  I found this to be very admirable, because very often, teachers are so focused on students and the outcome of their learning that they neglect to think about themselves and the impression they are giving students.  It’s challenging for all teachers, literacy coaches and administrators in this digital age, but educators that have been in the field for 30 years or more are especially challenged… Over the past few years, many veteran teachers have learned about educational technology for the first time….  Many students are more comfortable with technology use compared to some tenured teachers!  Even “new” teachers have an advantage since they likely encountered the use of instructional technology tools in their teacher education programs.

It’s important for literacy coches, as well as technology specialists or those in a combined role; to keep this in mind when working with teachers.


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