Literacy Coaching in a World of Technology!

Instructional technology techniques for the Literacy Coach.

The Digital Book Takeover October 17, 2011

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As a mom of three little ones (2 that are pre-k age), I am constantly reading to my children! I am amazed at how quickly they can remember the way that a word is spelled and recognize in other texts… Digital books add to the exciting time when pre-schoolers start learning that letters and sounds are connected and theat words mean something! These are a couple of my favorite sites:

The author of this blog:, shares a survey in which the concept of digital books increasing in sales and print books decreasing is demonstrated. It is certainly “easier” to open up a book online and even have it read to you, but will some people rebel against this new trend in “reading” and continue to choose traditional reading methods instead? I am not certain, but i do know that digital books will continue to assist teachers, parents and struggling readers with literacy development!


A fun way to get parents involved in literacy! October 12, 2011

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I just read this article about “Pocket Literacy Coach”.  It’s a system where parents can sign up and they will recieve a daily text message introducing an activity to improve literacy skills.  It is specific to the child’s age, grade and ability. What a fun idea to get parents involved! Some teachers could probably benefit as well!  Please share any thoughts.




Bye Bye Coaches! October 8, 2011

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This article is two years old, but relevant to this blog:

When this school in Florida had to make some cuts due to budget issues, the Literacy coaches got the boot!

Like technology, literacy coaching is essential to a successful school program!


Reflecting through Blogging

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Blogs are a great way to reflect on ones thoughts about research, ideas, concepts, etc.  A key component of literacy coaching is providing teachers with feedback and asking them to reflect on their own practices.  I am interested in finding out more about teachers experiences with reflection.  Has anyone ever kept a blog or other tool?  Was it helpful in designing your curriculum and planning lessons?


Thsi blog is essentially a reflective tool for me as a Literacy Specialist/Coach and I am finding it very helpful!


Teachers and Students Learning Together…. October 6, 2011

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I recently read a blog post written by a college faculty advisor:

The author shares his thoughts about how he comes across to his students and reflects on ways that he can help them understand him better.  I found this to be very admirable, because very often, teachers are so focused on students and the outcome of their learning that they neglect to think about themselves and the impression they are giving students.  It’s challenging for all teachers, literacy coaches and administrators in this digital age, but educators that have been in the field for 30 years or more are especially challenged… Over the past few years, many veteran teachers have learned about educational technology for the first time….  Many students are more comfortable with technology use compared to some tenured teachers!  Even “new” teachers have an advantage since they likely encountered the use of instructional technology tools in their teacher education programs.

It’s important for literacy coches, as well as technology specialists or those in a combined role; to keep this in mind when working with teachers.


Guest Post: How is Literacy Coaching carried out in your districts?

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The Gold Standard of Literacy Coaching….

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This article summarizes the IRA’s view on Literacy Coaching.  Coaches that are considered to be ” Achieving the Gold Standard” have a masters degree in literacy, many years of teaching experience, experience working with teachers, excellent presenting skills, experience modeling lessons, experience observing and “an additional literacy coaching credential”.  This “additional coaching credential” is interesting because literacy coaches are often right between administrators and teachers.  Without the “additional credential”, coaches with the other requirements are still considered “The Great Choice”, but shouldn’t we go for the Gold if this person is helping to teach the teachers?  Many colleges are now offering advanced graduate certificates in “Literacy Leadership”, which might be the answer to the mysterious ” additional credential”.  I have looked into two programs and they both offer courses at the supervisory levels, as well as… you guessed it, Technology!  One course is even entitled “Supervisor of Instructional Technology”.  I will be starting one of these programs in the spring and share my reflections of coursework. 

It seems to me that a Literacy Coach could essentially carry out the role of both Literacy Coach and Technology Specialist with proper training….